Frequently Asked Questions You can place an online order on our page or create an order by sending an e-mail. If you wish, you can take your own take-away from our kitchen in Arnavutköy District. You can examine our range on the page and contact us by sending an e-mail.

Just order 2 business days before the day you want to receive your cake!

Yes, we prepare a special cake order for you. It is enough to tell us about the person or event you want to have the cake made, and then you can leave it to us or we can create brand new designs together if you wish.

You can come by yourself and get free delivery. If you wish, we can deliver by courier from Monday to Saturday.

LE FIKA is not a cafe, it is an open kitchen that produces transparently. SHOP MENU is updated weekly, you can buy take-away products or order online.

You can stop by and get the delicacies in the Shop Menu as pieces/slices. Your online orders will be delivered to your address within 24 hours.

Yes, we ship on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Due to delays caused by cargo, we prefer to send it only these days so that it can reach you in the freshest way.

We only deliver your online orders within Istanbul by courier the next working day. Our working days and hours; Tuesday-Saturday 09:00-18:00 We deliver your cake orders by courier every day from Monday to Saturday.

Delivery is made by courier only to certain regions within Istanbul.

Your cake orders are calculated according to the delivery location and delivered to you. All details ‘Shipping & You can reach it from the ‘Delivery’ page.

If you wish, you can receive all your orders from our address free of charge.