Hi, I’m GOZDE.

I am the founder of Le Fika brand, Holistic Health Coach and Herbal Kitchen Chef.

First, I received Holistic Health Coaching training at IIN – Integrative Nutrition School, then when I started to frequent the kitchen, I completed ‘Plant-based Chef’ training in Rouxbe and then ‘Raw Food Chef’ training at Sayuri Healing Food Academy in Bali. And I continue online training.

Le Fika’s name is NEW, but what we produce is old. We started producing healthy flavors in 2018, we opened our doors as ‘Fitnotes Atelier’ in Galata, Beyoğlu on October 5, 2019. Now we have changed our name and format and moved to Beşiktaş/Arnavutköy District. We wanted to create a new concept inspired by the Scandinavian culture and seek a different and healthy taste in Istanbul. Be sure to stop by just to say ‘Hello’ at the door.

Does LE FIKA have a meaning? A lot for me:) ‘le’ means similar in 3 different languages; ‘smile’ in Swedish means ‘laughter’ in Mandarin and ‘joy’ in Norwegian… And in Scandinavian culture, ‘Fika usually means “drinking coffee, eating something delicious and chatting with friends”. It actually means much more than that. It is an important part of Swedish culture.. a mood, a concept, behavior, a ritual..a coffee and dessert is one of them.. And Denmark is the first place I met with a healthy and simple life, and Swedish culture is one of my most important inspirations on this path. somebody.

So what is ‘Plant-based Pop-up Kitchen‘? Herbal-based kitchen working with the concept of Stop-in.. Yes, this is not a kitchen, cafe or restaurant.. You can stop by and receive your orders or daily delicacies; You can sip your fresh filter coffee while chatting through the window. On the way to the office, you can come and get one of our all-day breakfast packages yourself; You can create your own box and/or order online.


Low temperature or no cooking flavors. Completely REFINED SUGAR FREE, GLUTEN FREE & LACTOSE FREE. All of our products are baked in a low temperature oven or prepared in a dryer. Sweetened with dates or maple syrup. 99% herbal. Only our cupcakes use eggs; If you wish, we also produce 100% herbal.

And the star products are; ‘Non-bake/raw cheesecake’ with our signature varieties OR our cake-based cakes, which gained fame after the soft brownie muffins..

We also design personalized cakes for you and your loved ones, and we enjoy it immensely.

In short, we dream of being a part of your pleasant moments that will make you smile, with the new concept we have created and our flavors that heal from the inside out.



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